8/40 Lyra

On my walk home tonight, Fripp and Eno’s “Lyra” from “The Equatorial Stars” came up. An interesting series of events occurred: my first reaction was to consider this album perfectly useless. I found there was a profound lack of interest in it, a lack of gems to mine. Actually, the piece before it was “Altair” from the same album, and I would have to say that my opinion on that one holds. Continue reading

7/40 Emoting in music

Walking through any grocery store these days is an interesting exercise in listening – most establishments put on the radio and we are subjected to a mix of “classic rock”, “80s favourites”, and of course the modern one hit wonders. A closer listen to the modern songs has me reflecting on an issue that’s been on my mind for several years: emoting through music, especially singing. Continue reading