14/40 Heisenberg’s Receipt

There are many times in conversations with colleagues where an idea comes up that is a challenge in any creative endeavour: when is it “done”? This evening, I attended a book signing with a friend, and during the Q&AA (Questions and Attempted Answers) the question came up around editing, e.g. when can you stop editing and call something done? Continue reading

13/40 Why Beauty

I was recently at my friend and colleague Liam MacDonald’s house for a rehearsal. We are playing with the great Iraqi oud player Serwan Yamolky, who was accompanied by his friend of many years Vahey Zacharian. These 2 musicians belong to possibly the last generation of those musicians that enjoyed a golden age of Arabic music that culminated in the work of the great Um Koulthoum and Abdel Wahab. Both in their 70’s, they bring a centre of gravity to their musical expression which is rare in this day and age, and this was a powerful experience. Continue reading