How do I request an autographed copy?
Click here to make your request.

How much do I have to donate?
This is entirely up to you. I'm really quite serious that no amount is too small or too large. Please understand that in the spirit of this process questions asking how much to donate will not be answered with a monetary amount.

What will I actually receive?
You will receive exactly the same CD as is commercially available but without the shrink wrapping as this must be removed to make the inscription. The inscription will be made as per your request. Hopefully your donation will cover shipping costs :-) You will receive the CD in a carefully padded envelope to the mailing address of your choice. Expect the entire process from request to delivery to take approximately 1-2 weeks.

How can I pay?
Methods include: PayPal (click the PayPal image below), cheque, money order, online interac payment, and bank transfer. Please do not send cash in the mail.