Tim Gerwing (PDF bio) was born in Canada, but spent his early childhood in Germany. Traditional music lessons began early on piano and percussion. Piano studies continued in Canada throughout his teen years. However, the confines of the classical world pushed him to experiment with jazz, electronic, new age, progressive rock/pop, and Middle and Far Eastern musics. The purchase of his first synthesizer and electric guitar in the late 80's were turning points and shaped what was to become his signature sound.

His newest album is "Adagio", a uniquely guitar driven exploration of genres and world influences. Also recently released is "Scorpius Rising", which takes listeners on an auditory odyssey through the twists and turns of ambient, electronic, and Arabic-influenced music.

"Masked and Dreaming": a departure from previous explorations, this album features more "songs", but continues the tradition of thick auditory landscapes of ambient, rock, and electronic musics.

"Chikatetsu", an eclectic and rich tapestry of electronic soundscapes based loosely on his experiences of living in Japan and modern life. Chikatetsu was accompanied by "Stations [PLUS]", a companion album featuring B-sides from the Chikatetsu sessions.

Gerwing's 2nd major release, "The Butterfly Effect", was released in 2004 and received critical acclaim in Canada, Europe, Siberia, and Asia.

Summer of 2002 saw the release of Gerwing's first album, "B2B". The album received international radio airplay in Canada, Japan, Holland, Australia, Poland, Russia, and the USA. Music from B2B was featured on the Genie Award winning "Suzuki Speaks".

Tim Gerwing performs on keyboards, guitars, electronics, and Middle Eastern percussion both solo and with world musicians including Boris Sichon (www.sichon.com), Tarun (Beats Without Borders), and Serwan Yamolky (www.serwanyamolky.com) in Vancouver, Canada. He has been a guest musician with Gord Grdina's Haram (www.gordongrdina.com), with artists on the Canadian Copperspine Records (www.copperspine.com) label, and is co-founder of the 30 Days Project (www.thirtydaysproject.com).

Recent highlights: a tour of Japan to support "Chikatetsu", frequent performances with Haram, performances with Boris Sichon at the Kremlin in Moscow, performances with Yungchen Lhamo (www.yungchenlhamo.com) at the Mission Folk Music Festival, Terry O'Brien (Anomolous Disturbances), David Picking, Besart Hysniu, and a featured remix of Steve Jansen's 'Ballad of a Deadman' with David Picking/Rhinoceros (www.samadhisound.com).