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September 2003: We've launched a new web site! have a look at www.lascaux21.com
September 2003: another remix!!! DJ Okidanokh has done remixes of the tracks "Dream" and "Signifier". Listen to Dream remix and Signifier remix: the originals are here.
September 2003: a remix!!! Mark Nazemi of Solid Bass Productions has done a remix of the track "Dream". Listen to the remix here and the original here.
August 2003: More good news from the David Suzuki Foundation - "Whenever You're Ready" is being used for a broadcast Nature Challenge Public Service Announcement. You can listen to it here.
August 2003: Download "Fire" free from Amazon.com
April 2003: Some good news from the David Suzuki Foundation and Avanti Pictures - "...we used part of 'whenever you're ready' on the Suzuki Foundation video that will be shown to community groups to introduce David's Nature Challenge"
"Being to Being" announced in SOCAN's "Words and Music" magazine (Spring 2003 issue).
Good News from CBC! ZeD is planning to air Elements.fire - Web ID# 33867 Tuesday March 25, 2003.
A small feature in Ambientrance
"bowl of light ii" was played on Hearts of Space
Now getting airplay in Siberia via Serge Tikhanoff and Radio Penguin
"Being to Being" is now on the stacks at the Vancouver Public Library
"Being to Being" is now available for Vancouver customers at Chapters on Granville and Broadway and Robson and Howe
Unreleased tracks (removed May 26 2003) are available in mp3 format for you to download and enjoy
"Being to Being" will be featured at the Vancouver Videopoem festival





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