Tim Gerwing - Masked and Dreaming

I have always wanted to write more songs, believing that the "pop song" is probably one of today's most powerful and compact modes of communication.

However, I'm not a "pop" artist. And, I have not been gifted with what most would call a "good voice". So, I endeavoured to find a way to create songs that would somehow allow me to be true to my artistic preferences, come up with a vocal sound that would work, and allow me to do it without feeling self-conscious.

In that context, and through the manipulation and arrangement of various music and sound pieces, I create an atmosphere for people to experience in very personal ways. Itís music that is designed to work both in the inner and outer world.

During the course of my research, I had read a book by Keith Johnstone called "Impro", which talked a lot about the use of masks, both in terms of cultural history and the acting world. These ideas coupled with a lifelong interest in Jungian archetypes and Joseph Campbell's books on mythology - I had found a way to take on a mask, to become a character, and explore facets of my expression that I might have self-censored in the past: "Masked and Dreaming" was born.

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