Earth Day April 22 2012

To celebrate Earth Day, Tim Gerwing is giving away a free download of the single "Future Farmers" from "Masked and Dreaming". Read more about "Future Farmers" here.

Click on the button below to download a ZIP file containing a high quality MP3 of the song and a JPG of the cover.

About the Cover Design

Congratulations to Mitch Kinney for winning the "Future Farmers" cover contest - Mitch's design is on the right.

A big thank you to all the participants who entered their work to the contest:

‣ Alix Buengener ‣ Joshua Sherrington ‣ Levon Pogossian ‣ Yui Minghua Novgorov ‣ David Picking ‣ Josh Byer ‣ Georgia Boylan ‣ 小歌文 ‣ Mark Gerwing ‣ Jamille Rene Graves ‣ Emily Claire ‣ Noëlle Nadeau ‣ Kathy Rhynsburger ‣ Titisari Raharjo

Sorry! this promotion is over. For more music, visit the LASCAUX21 music store.