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B2B Stations [PLUS] Masked and Dreaming Chikatetsu The Butterfly Effect
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La Younsa (2011)

La Younsa, "Not Forgotten", a new and unique Arabic world music album featuring master oud player Serwan Yamolky. He is joined by Liam MacDonald and Tim Gerwing on percussion with special guests Eyvind Kang and Francois Houle.

Click here to visit the Serwan Yamolky Trio site now.

Masked and Dreaming (2011)

New music focusing on the power of the song and words, Tim Gerwing weaves a web of psychoactive music based on dream theory, the unconscious, and myth.

Once again, music for the Inner Listener...

Click here to visit the M+D site now.

Stations [PLUS] (2010)

A companion piece to "Chikatetsu", "Stations [PLUS]" is a hand-picked selection of music that was not on the original "Chikatetsu" release. 13 new tracks of music that are a must have for the Inner Listener.

Click here to visit the CHIKATETSU site now.

Chikatetsu (2009)

In motion, in transit. Remembered futures, ambient textures and modern musical motifs, non-linear narratives, fractal audio perspective, and allegorical sonic imagery create contemplative and immersive sonic environments which suggest the expansion of culture and of the modern self.

This is truly music for the inner listener.

Click here to visit the CHIKATETSU site now.

The Butterfly Effect (2005)

Mysterious, deep, exploratory, unique...from ambient to progressive rock, this is music at the intersection of the demands of creativity and truth.

The Butterfly Effect is the follow-up to tim gerwing’s acclaimed release "Being to Being" of 2002.

Click here to visit the BE mini site now.

B2B (2002)

Contemplative elegance in the Fourth World.

Tim Gerwing's first solo album (02002).

A rare and alluring blend of sonic textures and spoken word.

Click here to visit the B2B site.
Thank you for visiting the official site for the music of Tim Gerwing | LASCAUX21. This is music for the Inner Listener.

Tim Gerwing performs on keyboards, guitars, electronics, and Middle Eastern percussion both solo and with world musicians including Boris Sichon, Tarun (Beats Without Borders), and Serwan Yamolky in Vancouver, Canada. He has been a guest musician with Gord Grdina’s Haram, with artists on the Canadian Copperspine Records label, and is co-founder of the 30 Days Project.

Recent highlights: performances with Boris Sichon at the Kremlin in Moscow, Yungchen Lhamo at the Mission Folk Music Festival,Terry O’Brien (Anomolous Disturbances), David Picking, Besart Hysniu, and a featured remix of Steve Jansen’s “Ballad of a Deadman” with David Picking/Rhinoceros.