August 9, 2014

"Furniture": Music for the Inner Listener 7 - a new album from Tim Gerwing. Brian Eno originally defined ambient music as "music that does not demand attention but rewards it when given". In the spirit of this psycho-emotional space, Tim Gerwing has created musical furniture for your inner listening enjoyment.

Visit the Furniture website.

March 21, 2014

The Official Announcement: "Adagio" is released today, the first day of Spring, March 21st 2014.

You can make "Adagio" part of your Inner Listening collection at the LASCAUX21 Music Store.

March 20, 2014

Tim Gerwing interviewed by Zouch Magazine.

Special thank you to Shazia Hafiz Ramji

March 20, 2014

Tim Gerwing featured in an interview on "Scorpius Rising" in ZOUCH Magazine. A special thank you to Shazia Hafiz Ramji for the interview.

March 14, 2014

Tim Gerwing, Adagio, image by Li Hui

Sometimes you spend a lot of time working on the cover of a new project, and you go through a lot of ideas and pictures and it just doesn't seem to be happening...then, sometimes, you get lucky and find a photo that is just..."it".

Here is the cover to the upcoming album, "Adagio". Cover photo is by Li Hui (

Stay tuned! Sound clips coming soon.

March 12, 2014

Here's the working list of titles for the upcoming album, "Adagio":

Emergent Colours
Morning Resolutions
Casa de Los Suenos
Early Evening August 1974
Sketch Portrait Of A Moor
Attention Study
Last Refuge Of A Charlatan

January 21st, 2014
December 7, 2013

Click here for YouTube video

Tim Gerwing's new album, "Scorpius Rising" album release party held at Vancouver Live Sound on November 22nd 2013. Timo Schmidt, a representative of Amnesty International gave a short presentation, Serwan Yamolky recited poetry at the event, and Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble performed.

The pieces performed by the artist were "Scorpius Rising", "Big Sky", and "Brief Eye Contact With the Shaman".

For more information, visit

November 20, 2013

Scorpius Rising

It's official. Scorpius Rising, Music for the Inner Listener 5, is released today. Read more.

November 7, 2013

Scorpius Rising - a first look at the current working track list and back cover. The album is due for release on November 20th and we'll be holding an album release party on November 22nd at Vancouver Live Sound - hope you can come and join the party!

October 24, 2013

Had another great session of mastering for the new album with Kevin Kowal at FaderMaster Vancouver. Here is a short montage of some teasers of the tracks on the new album!

Tracks in the montage in order of appearance:

  1. Scorpius Rising
  2. Scorpius in Virgo
  3. Big Sky
  4. Brief Eye Contact with the Shaman

October 18, 2013

It's a new album!

It's coming soon. The current release date is November 20th 2013.

click here for a quick video of one of the first mastering sessions.

July 24, 2013
Haram at The Kozmik Zoo.

Join us at The Kozmik Zoo at 8pm for a blast off concert before we hit the road for The Calgary Folk Fest.
June 2013

30 Days June 2013 has completed.

Come by the Thirty Days site to see what artists have come up with for their daily work. As usual, Tim has made a new piece of music each day. Come have a listen.

December 24, 2012

Hello Friends!

Happy Holidays to you. This is a piano piece I did a while back and just felt that I wanted to share it with you today. It's set to be a free download, so please come on over to Sound Cloud to make it part of your collection and maybe a welcome addition to your Holiday Music. All the best to you and yours.

December 21, 2012
Haram at The China Cloud. Doors at 9:30, show at 10pm.
December 1, 2012
Another 30 Days has been successfully completed.

Visit 30 Days November 2012 to listen, hear, and read the work of this year's participants.

You can also visit the LASCAUX21 music library to listen to Tim's music directly.
September 20, 2012
Haram in Concert at The Waldorf

After a rip roaring tour in Toronto, Guelph, Ottawa, and Montreal, the band that Dan Mangan describes as a "Jazz Arabic insanity band" puts a cap on the itinerary with a performance at The Waldorf at 9pm on September 20th. Tickets $15.
August 19, 2012
"La Younsa" CD Release concert

Tim Gerwing performs as part of The Serwan Yamolky Trio.

Please join us August 19th!
July 24, 2012
Tim Gerwing live at Papergirl - click here for more information.
June 28, 2012
Join the Serwan Yamolky Trio for a free performance at the Vancouver Jazz Fest on June 28th, 2012.

Click here for details.
May 1, 2012
Want to get some momentum behind your output?
Feeling as though the day is filled with distracting tasks?
Want to assign more priority to your creative work?
Just finish one piece per day and post it on the Thirty Days Project blog.
April 22, 2012
Happy Earth Day!

In celebration, I am inviting you to download a free MP3 of "Future Farmers" featuring cover art designed by Mitch Kinney.
April 10, 2012
Recently, I had a correspondence with artist Paolo Puggioni, who had put out a call for subjects to draw. I submitted a piece called "Black Djinn" for inspiration. Here is the result.
March 25, 2012
Future Farmers: Call for Submissions

Calling visual artists, designers, and anyone else who loves being creative: send us your ideas for the cover of "Future Farmers", a single from "Masked and Dreaming".

More details here.
March 5, 2012
LASCAUX21 | 40

Read Tim Gerwing's blog for ideas on music, art, and the meaning of life:
February 16, 2012
Gord Grdina and Haram at The Waldorf

Haram is a 10-piece Arabic Avant-Garde ensemble. The group takes classic Arabic music from great composers like Farid Al-Atrache, Abdul Whahab, and Oum Khalsoum and filters them through Vancouver’s creative improvising community. The stacked group is invigorating to watch constantly shifting directions while building to euphoric crescendos. This one-of-a-kind ensemble is for anyone interested in exciting, cross-cultural, boundary annihilating music!

This event is presented by Nuba. Join us for dinner beforehand and get a discounted ticket!

Doors at 8pm - Purchase advanced tickets here:
December 16, 2011
"Khefif al Ruh" free download

Come and download a free track from the upcoming album "La Younsa" by the Serwan Yamolky Trio.

Click here to download the track.

December 12, 2011
Take a sneak peek at the new Serwan Yamolky Trio site!
October 2011
A link to a recent interview of Tim Gerwing with Adam Henderson at CiTR
October 12, 2011
You can now buy LASCAUX21 music on Facebook!!!
September 16, 2011
I will be performing for Keith and Aya Ikeda-Barry's opening at Kafka's on Main. This show will run throughout September and October and feature Aya and Keith's 30 Days work as well as new original work.
September, 2011
My very good friend Jean Paul Thuot has just published a book of his poetry entitled "In the Field of the New Moon". Much of it is gleaned from his 30 Days work. This is some of the most lovely "nouveau haiku" I've seen in a long time. Check it out.
August, 2011
Tim Gerwing: Masked and Dreaming
"Masked and Dreaming" is now available at the CD Baby online store! Coming soon to iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, etc etc.

For more purchase options including digital downloads, you can visit the LASCAUX21 Music Store
August, 2011
A sneak peek at the new album artwork:

August 23, 2011
Tim Gerwing performs at Opening Night, Papergirl Vancouver 2011.
July 27, 2011
I've been very honoured by having one of my tracks, "Distant Field" from 30 Days June 2011 to be used for a video about the work of Tada Katsuhiko, a farmer in Northern Japan, in the earthquake relief effort: view the video on YouTube.
coming soon: 2011

Coming Soon: a new album!

"Masked and Dreaming", 7 new tracks from Tim Gerwing in digital download format. Stay tuned for a formal release date, release party information, aquisition details, a new website, and free downloads.

View the teaser site here.
July 1, 2011
Another 30 Days Project completed
Click here to hear Tim's music for 30 Days June 2011 or
visit the 30 Days website.
May 14, 2011
Inanna Iraqi Music ensemble
Featuring Serwan Yamolky and Nadeen

7:30pm Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Centre, Douglas College, New Westminster

An ensemble of 7 musicians and the beautiful Nadeen all the way from Holland. We are focusing on Iraqi music, but we will also be featuring compositions by Egyptian and other composers. This is going to be a great show, and a rare opportunity to hear this style of music in a live setting. Please join us!!!

Nadeen: vocals   |   Serwan Yamolky: oud   |   Sinan Hussain: violin   |   Basim Ghlayem: violin
Bashar Najim: kanun   |   Kyle Hagen: contrabass   |   Liam MacDonald: riq   |   Tim Gerwing: darbuka

Tickets: $30
March 15, 2011
Longtime musical partner David Picking has new tracks on offer at EchoMonster.
February 12, 2011
Serwan Yamolky with Liam MacDonald and Tim Gerwing at "Love in the Time of Andulusia".

11pm @ W2 Storyeum, 151 West Cordova St., Vancouver, BC.

For tickets, click here.
December 6, 2010
Stations [PLUS]

A collection of music that was not released on the original "Chikatetsu" album. Over 60 minutes of hand-selected music that is a must-have for any Inner Listener!

Stations [PLUS] is available at the LASCAUX21 online store, and via online distribution on iTunes, Emusic, and more. Stay tuned for details.

Click here for a PDF press release | Click here to listen to samples.
December 6, 2010
I recently played darbuka on a tune by Huda Earwig. This music was produced by my long time friend and musical collaborator Brent Blazeiko of Sound Lounge Production Studios.

You can download this track for free.
October 14, 2010
Japan 2010 tour: complete! An image collage is here. There are some YouTube links below, and we have a Flickr Photostream on the go as well.
Autumn, 2010

JAPAN 2010 - tour

September 26 Sapporo Sound Crue (concert video here)
September 27 Live Space Sahabi (poster)
September 28 Spiritual Lounge (sound recording coming soon!)

October 5, 9pm The Pink Cow (picture)

October 8 "Kura" Concert Space

October 10 Club Orbit

September 9, 2010
Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 8:00pm
Vancouver Live Sound, Vancouver, BC
August 21, 2010
Video News: "Thinking of You" from "Chikatetsu".

You can also watch it on YouTube or Vimeo

August, 2010
A new album, "Sky in the Moon", from Dan Kearley. Dan joined us for the "Chikatetsu" release concert in January 2010.
July 11, 2010
A new review of Chikatetsu - click here to jump to reviews
July 1, 2010
Another 30 Days Project completed - click here to hear Tim's music for 30 Days June 2010.
June 27, 2010
Haram at Jazz Fest

Tim Gerwing joins Haram for Jazz Fest, Sunday June 27th, 2:45pm, in Gastown at the "Maple Tree Square Stage".

June 9, 2010
"Thinking of You" from Chikatetsu selected for "Bezdna Radio Essentials 017" @ Silent Flow Netlabel
June 1, 2010
It's June, and with all those summer weddings around the corner, we would like to offer you a small musical gift: Click here to listen to, hopefully enjoy, and download "The Wedding March".
30 Days June 2010
International artists fight back against option paralysis and the fragmentation of daily life. Visit the Thirty Days website.
May 10, 2010
Chikatetsu is now available from Chin Music Press in Seattle. Visit Chin Music in person or online to see some of the most beautiful books on a variety of subjects, Japanese or otherwise.
March 11, 2010
Adam Henderson of "The End of the World News" at CiTR talks with Tim Gerwing about "Chikatetsu". then look for the podcast from March 11
February 25, 2010

Tim Gerwing with Besart Hysniu: in concert at Centre A as part of the World Tea Party celebration.

Thursday February 25th, 6pm @ 2 West Hastings, Vancouver
February 7, 2010
Tim Gerwing: solo performance of "Chikatetsu" at the Hearts for Haiti fundraising event at Tozenji temple. Other musicians include Kozue Matsumoto and Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

Tozenji Buddhist Temple
209 Jackson St., Coquitlam
January 29, 2010
  "Chikatetsu" is now available at eMusic
January 16, 2010
Chikatetsu Release Concert

Featuring David Picking with special guest Dan Kearley, visuals by Mark Nazemi, and refreshments by Aya. Door prizes will be available as well.

8pm (doors open 7:30pm)
LUMEN Gallery
International Village / Tinseltown
2nd Floor. 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada

near Stadium Skytrain + parking
(click here for map) (click here for multimedia) (click here for promo image)

tickets $10 at the door, ticket + CD $20

A special thank you to Donovan Woollard at Offsetters for helping to make this event
Climate Friendly.
January 8, 2010
Chikatetsu III featured on All About Jazz "Download of the Day".
December 11, 2009
Haram at Nuba Restaurant
Gord Grdina with Emad Armoush, Tommy Babin, JP Carter, Tim Gerwing, Francois Houle, Chris Kelly, Kenton Loewen, Liam MacDonald

8:30pm, reservations recommended
November 2009
Chikatetsu is now available from iTunes
November 05, 2009
Tim Gerwing: Chikatetsu

CHIKATETSU is now available from CD Baby.

For more purchase options including digital downloads, you can visit the LASCAUX21 Music Store.
October 12, 2009
Download the Press Release for Chikatetsu:

English (PDF)
Japanese (PDF)
September 24, 2009:
Haram at Nuba Restaurant
Gord Grdina, Emad Armoush, Tim Gerwing, Liam MacDonald, Jesse Zubot, JP Carter, Chris Kelly, Kenton Loewen, and Tommy Babin

9pm - please make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment at the door!
September 23, 2009:

CHIKATETSU is now at the factory being pressed! However, digital moves at a faster speed, so...

We're happy to announce that you can now download CHIKATETSU in full as 256Kbps MP3 files. Click here to purchase now using PayPal.

Click here for other digital purchase options.

If you prefer FLAC files, please contact us to make arrangements.

The album will be available on CD in a few weeks.

September 2, 2009:
I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to have some music placed in the videos of Create Change. Take a moment to have a look.
August 19, 2009:
We've got a beautiful rendering, courtesy of Kent MacLagan, of the train interior model we're going to use for the "Window Seat" website.

Click here for a look at one of the images.

The Window Seat website will be opening soon. Stay tuned for details.
August 8th, 2009:

Rumour has it that Tim has decided to add a companion album to CHIKATETSU called STATIONS [PLUS]. This 2nd album is currently slated to be available by download only and will contain a number of tracks not included in the initial release.

Estimated release date for STATIONS [PLUS] is September/October 2009.

July 30, 2009:
Haram at Nuba Restaurant
Gord Grdina, Emad Armoush, Tim Gerwing, Liam MacDonald, Francois Houle, JP Carter, Chris Kelly, Kenton Loewen, and Jeremy Holmes

see poster for details
July 17, 2009:
The CHIKATETSU official website is launched - please stay tuned for more announcements re: singles, videos, concerts, and, of course, an official release date for the album.
June 11, 2009:
CHIKATETSU - 3 teaser tracks:
Enjoy these 3 samples of music from the upcoming album. Make sure your speakers are turned on and click any track to begin.
Sorry! You need to upgrade your Flash Player -
this site requires at least Version 9.

June 1, 2009:
Work is underway by DreamWindow Productions on the new CHIKATETSU website.
Current projected completion date is July 1, 2009. Stay tuned for more details.
Interested in a sneak peek? Get in touch.
May 29, 2009:
Love of a Different Kind
Tim Gerwing with Serwan Yamolky

Douglas College Auditorium
Friday the 29th May 2009, 7.30 pm
700 Royal Avenue(at 8th Street), New Westminster, BC
April 20, 2009:
Gord Grdina, Emad Armoush, Tommy Babin, JP Carter, François Houle, Christopher Kelly, Kenton Loewen, Liam Macdonald, and Tim Gerwing.

Jazz Cellar
April 20th, 8pm

March 2009
New album announcement!!!

Chikatetsu: Tim Gerwing

- current projected release date: August 17th, 2009
- look for singles and updates May/June 2009
December 9th, 2008:
I've just returned from a fantastic 3 months in London, UK. I met some amazing new friends there, and in particular did a lot of drumming. More details coming soon, but for now, here's a clip of me performing with Eva Green.

Thanks also to my new friends for some unforgettable drumming and dancing experiences:
    - Anne White
    - Lucilla
    - Serenity
    - Solariss

- photographs: Dave Halley

December 1st, 2008:
November's 30 Days work has been added to the LASCAUX21 30 Days Playlists page. Hope you enjoy listening!
July 29th 2008
"Slope Remixes". A few weeks ago, I was asked by my friend David Picking to join him in remixing Steve Jansen's "Ballad of a Deadman" from the album "Slope". I'm very happy to say this remix has made it's way onto the Samadhisound website and is available for download.

"Ballad of a Deadman" - Remixed by Rhinoceros (David Picking).
Additional recording engineered by Tim Gerwing.

dp: percussion, slide guitar, bass, handclaps, drum programming
tg: oud, bells, handclaps, ebow, string samples
July 26th, July 27th 2008
I was most pleasantly surprised, and honoured, to be able to join Yungchen Lhamo with my friend Boris Sichon at the Mission Folk Festival main stage on Saturday evening, and again on Sunday afternoon. It was a very special experience indeed. Picture here (photo credit: Lisa Luky).
July 2008
Tim Gerwing has joined the CBC Hockey Night in Canada anthem challenge. View the entry here:
June 2008
Gord Grdina's Haram

The Jazz Cellar, June 2nd, 8:30pm
Gord Grdina: oud, Tommy Babin: bass, JP Carter: trumpet, Tim Gerwing: doumbek, Francois Houle: clarinet, Chris Kelly: saxophone, Kenton Loewen: drums, Liam MacDonald: riq

Rime, 9:30pm, June 19th
Gord Grdina: oud, Tommy Babin: bass, JP Carter: trumpet, Tim Gerwing: doumbek, Francois Houle: clarinet, Chris Kelly: saxophone, Dan Gaucher: drums, Liam MacDonald: riq
May 27, 2008
Georges Rouget + Tim Gerwing, 2 songs...Click here to listen.
May 19, 2008
April's 30 Days work has been added to the LASCAUX21 30 Days Playlists page with a new look and feel. Hope you enjoy listening!
April 2008
30 Days April 2008.
International artists against option paralysis and the fragmentation of daily life.
February 10, 2008
What a great pleasure to be invited as a guest musician with Silk Road Music for the Cultural Olympiad 2008 Celebration.
January 26, 2007
Digging through some sketches from 2007 results in an addition to the downloads page. The track is called "As Is, So Is".
December 16, 2007
Have a listen to David Picking's mash up of our November 14th show.
December 11, 2007
...I just got back from playing a concert in Moscow with my good friend and musical partner Boris Sichon. On my return, I got an early seasonal gift when our sound man Andy Smith dropped by to give me the recording of the November 14th concert.

Click here to listen to it now (128kbps 60Mb - edited slightly to omit applause and a few boo boos). For those interested, last April's show is available in MP3 as well.
November 17, 2007

Tim Gerwing with David Picking: VIVO November 14, 2007

Concert News...A great evening of music on November 14th, 2007 at VIVO in Vancouver, where I was joined by Terry O'Brien opening, and once again a special thank you to David Picking for his great playing. Thanks also to Population of Noise for putting on the show. We have some pictures (taken by Keith Ikeda-Barry - see link below) and we did make a recording (thank you Andy Smith), which may surface here at some point too.

I invite you all to join us again next time, which I hope will be soon!

- Tim Gerwing

Click here to view the slide show || View the concert set list here.

November 14,15 2007
Upcoming concert! Population of Noise presents:
Nov 14: Tim Gerwing with David Picking, Anomalous Disturbances (Terry O'Brien).
Nov 15: Pepe Danza and Navaro Franco, Mark Nazemi, the debut of Paradigm Shift featuring Laura Lee Coles, Navarro Franco, Shawn Killaly, and Leathan Milne

VIVO Media Arts Centre (formerly Video In)
1965 Main St, Vancouver, BC
Doors 1930, Show starts 2000
Tickets at the door ($15 for 1 night, $25 for both nights)

Click here for more details.
November 2007
Music contributed to an upcoming gallery installation by Ozgur Culha: "I am working on a project funded by the NWT Arts council. My project involves photographing people of the North, from first nations to immigrants, young people to elders in their daily life. The goal of the project is to present, through a photographic display, northern residents from other lands and show human beings’ adaptation skills and strengths into new environment. As we all know, they may have various reasons to come to North but they all have the same reason to stay here more than they have planned: 'North is home'."

Besart Hysniu has been recording voices of several people from different countries; either singing, telling poems or simply chatting in their first languages to create a soundtrack music for the display with Tim Gerwing. The photographs will be on display at the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre, Yellowknife this winter. The official opening of the exhibition is on Sunday, December 9th.
November 2007
Tim Gerwing has contributed music to a production of "The American Pilot" at the Jericho Arts Centre. Directed by Adam Henderson, music by Murray Price. The American Pilot runs October 12 - November 3 2007.
November 2007
A special thank you to my long-time friend and collaborator Besart Hysniu for his help and inspiration making the new background audio loops (Never Twice The Same) for
June 1st, 2007

30 Days June 2007.

Thirty Days turns on the pressure with thirty daily deadlines. Each deadline forces the artist to choose a subject, an approach and a tool and create something by the end of the day.

By establishing deadlines, even artificial ones, the act of creation is given a higher priority in the hierarchy of everyday activities. Re-prioritizing daily tasks is often difficult at first, but becomes easier over the Thirty Days. The aim is to get something made by the end of the day. It may not be your best work, but it will give you experience with re-organizing your life to make creating art a priority. Something may be squeezed out to make room, maybe for the better.

Tim Gerwing full 30 Days playlist.

May 19, 2007
Tim Gerwing with Serwan Yamolky at La Casa Del Artista, 7:30pm. Click here for more information.
May 8th, 2007
Sad news...Adel Awad, my first drum teacher here in Vancouver and close friend, has passed away. Adel was always teaching in his own way, always able to talk with anyone, always ready to play.
April 29th, 2007
Concert at LUMEN

See a video clip of the concert here.

photo: Laura Lee Coles

Thank you to everyone who joined us at LUMEN Gallery for our concert last night. It was a fun show to play and a wonderful audience: all around just a beautiful evening. Thanks to Shawn Killaly, Terry O'Brien, and Besart Hysniu for their fantastic performances. And, a special thank you to Jean Michel Côté for the amazing visuals.

Best wishes to all, and hope to see you again soon with new music and great musicians. -TG

View the set list here || listen to the MP3 concert recording here || Flash version

This concert was a carbon neutral event thanks to:

    Go Carbon Neutral

April 2007

April 2007: UPCOMING CONCERT!Tim Gerwing with Besart Hysniu and special guest Anomalous Disturbances (Terry O'Brien) ::::
A special evening of ambient music and immersive visuals at one of Vancouver's premiere photo galleries. This concert is co-produced by Population of Noise.

Click here to view the poster by Ikeda-Barry Creative.

April 28th 2007

8pm Saturday
Lumen Art Gallery (map)
International Village
2F 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada
$5 donation at the door

Featuring the music of:
Tim Gerwing: keyboards, guitar, percussion, voice
Besart Hysniu: keyboards, electronics, percussion
Jeanmichel Côté: visual instabilities

March 04 2007
Tim Gerwing - music for film.
News Year's Eve 2006/7
Tim Gerwing will be drumming for Ashley and Danielle of Harem Dancers. 10:30pm and 11:30pm at Sanafir Restaurant, 1026 Granville Street - (778) 329-4420, Vancouver.

November 17, 2006
Georges Rouget and Tim Gerwing: CSF theme song project.
Oser imaginer…Chanson thème du Conseil scolaire francophone, Colombie-Britannique.

"Bienvenue à la page d'accueil de la chanson thème du Conseil scolaire de la Colombie-Britannique à l'occasion de son dixième anniversaire! La chanson sera disponible et pourra être téléchargée en Mp3 à partir du 20 novembre 2006. Félicitations aux membres et bonne fête Conseil scolaire francophone!"
November 2006
an interesting article by David Suzuki regarding The Butterfly it here. David Suzuki appears on effect 4: little walk | biota from the album [The Butterfly Effect].
September 2006

Visit Tim Gerwing's MySpace site - there are 4 song downloads available. We've got a few interesting friends already and always looking forward to new ones!
July 08 2006, 8pm
Thirty Days June 2006 - the official art show of this unique event at Little Mountain Studios, 195 E26th Avenue, Vancouver.

Musical contributions by Tim Gerwing (full playlist here), Besart Hysniu, and David Picking.

The show is open to the public daily 12-6pm until July 31.
April 05 2006
Tim Gerwing with Boris Sichon (percussion, voice, flutes) and Tarun (tabla, electronics) at Rime Cafe at 1130 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Show starts 8pm.
March 08 2006
Tim Gerwing performs with Boris Sichon (percussion, voice, flutes) and Tarun (tabla, electronics) at Chai (Above East is East at 3239 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, CANADA).

January 22, 2006
Show's over...and a big thank you to everyone who came out! We had a great time playing it and want to thank you for the positive feedback. We hope to do another show soon. Stay tuned for details. You can join our mailing list here.

We have some pics to look at (courtesy of photographer Kent Maclagan). Click on a link below to view a full-size picture in a new window.

Set 1: Terry O'Brien
pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3 | pic 4 | pic 5

Set 2: Tim Gerwing with Francis Pilon and David Picking
pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3 | pic 4 | pic 5 | pic 6 | pic 7 | pic 8 | pic 9

You can view more pics from this series by visiting Kent Maclagan's Flickr gallery. The images are higher resolution and some are printable. While you're there, it's worth checking out more of Kent's work: nice!

More details on the concert here.

January 2006

A special evening: The Butterfly Effect Concert - join us for music by Tim Gerwing and Terry O'Brien (Anomalous Disturbances).

January 21, 2006, 8pm
The Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue

poster 1
poster 2

An evening of music ranging from deep ambient to progressive rock, exploring psycho-sonic spaces where the dramatic and the scientific meet. The Butterfly Effect: long term behaviour becomes impossible to forecast. A set of such conditions can be called "hazardous"...

Tim Gerwing: keyboards, guitar, vocal, electronics
Francis Pilon: bass, guitar, keyboards, electronics
David Picking: drums, percussion

January 2006
Tim Gerwing You can now download Tim Gerwing's music directly from iTunes
December 7th 2005
An early Seasonal Gift from a Master - Besart Hysniu has made a remix of "Stream of Consciousness". What's not surprising is that the remix is great. What is surprising is the format and imagination. The SOC NTTS (Never Twice The Same) Remix features a set of samples that play in never quite the same order - it's a constantly shifting soundscape, a true Stream of Consciousness. Nice one Besart. Have a look at the remixes page - you'll need Flash installed to enjoy this remix.
November 12th 2005
Nice! a new remix of "Stream of Consciousness". The artist is Mark Nazemi aka Khashara. Have a listen.
October 20th 2005
"The Weight of the Air" from "The Butterfly Effect" on the Zentopia Podcast. Check it out.
October 14th 2005
A very cool new remix of "Stream of Consciousness" by Joakim Fahlström of Stockholm, Sweden. Check it out here.
September 2005
"The Butterfly Effect" in the September newsletter at
August 2005
Tim Gerwing performs with the Zeryab Middle Eastern Ensemble August 6th and 7th at the Seattle Arab Festival (on the Mahrajan Stage, Seattle Center)

Saturday 3:15 - 4:30PM Mahrajan Stage
Sunday 2:15 - 3:15PM Mahrajan Stage
July 2005
Just came off tour with Roger Dean Young and the Tin Cup! Shows:

July 01 | Canada House, London, England
July 02 | SWAP Festival, Manchester Academy Complex , Manchester, England
July 03 | Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall, London, England
July 04 | Notting Hill Arts Club, London
July 05 | 12 Bars Club, London
July 09 | Live In the Living Room, Utrecht
July 10 | DBs, Utrecht

manchester academy | manchester backstage | london royal festival hall | london 12 bar | utrecht db's

May 3rd 2005
Effect05 ["Water"] from "The Butterfly Effect" on Hearts of Space radio PGM 728 : "The Edge of the World".
April 19 2005
listen to new and unreleased tracks on Sone Radio.
April 15 2005
Tim Gerwing plays with Roger Dean Young and The Tin Cup at The Rime, Vancouver
March 2005
"The Butterfly Effect" is now available on iTunes
February 2005
"The Butterfly Effect" is now available at CD Baby - featured on February 22nd in the new releases section (scroll down).
January 2005
"Water" from "The Butterfly Effect" on the MetaLob compilation ECHO - A Ficitious Museum 02 (Japan).
November 2004
The Stream of Consciousness remix/re-version project. Click here for more details.
July 23rd 2004
pictures from a recent recording session for "The Butterfly Effect".
July 11th 2004
Zeryab (Tim Gerwing: percussion) with Abdullah Chhadeh and Nara at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. You can click here for pictures.
July 2nd 2004
CD release for Tanya Evanson's album "Invisible Worlds". Featured guest artists include Serwan Yamolky and Tim Gerwing (Middle Eastern percussion).
June 25th 2004
Tim Gerwing with Zeryab Music Ensemble at Mona's Restaurant, 1328 Hornby St Vancouver. Tickets $20.
click here for pictures.
June 19th 2004
Tim Gerwing with Roger Dean Young at the Western Front, 303 e. 8th avenue Vancouver. Admission $8. Doors at 8:30pm.
click here for pictures.
June 19th 2004
Festival d'été - Georges Phillipe Rouget et les Chanteurs du Roi with Tim Gerwing at the Centre Culturel Francophone, 1551 7e Avenue Ouest Vancouver. Admission is free.
March 2004
Tim Gerwing performing with Zeryab Middle Eastern Music Ensemble. Saturday March 27th, at 8 pm: The Auditorium of the H.R. Mac Millan Space Centre, 1100, Chestnut Street. Kits Point. Vancouver Tickets $30 Concert followed by reception. Free parking available.
Tickets can be purchased at JAVA EXPRESS, 3420 Cambie Street Vancouver (near Park Cinema) Tel 604 873 3420.
September 2003
We've launched a new web site! have a look at
September 2003
another remix!!! DJ Okidanokh has done remixes of the tracks "Dream" and "Signifier". Listen to Dream remix and Signifier remix: the originals are here.
September 2003
a remix!!! Mark Nazemi of Solid Bass Productions has done a remix of the track "Dream". Listen to the remix here and the original here.
August 2003
More good news from the David Suzuki Foundation - "Whenever You're Ready" is being used for a broadcast Nature Challenge Public Service Announcement. You can listen to it here.
August 2003
Download "Fire" free from
April 2003
Some good news from the David Suzuki Foundation and Avanti Pictures - "...we used part of 'whenever you're ready' on the Suzuki Foundation video that will be shown to community groups to introduce David's Nature Challenge".
Spring 2003
"Being to Being" announced in SOCAN's "Words and Music" magazine (Spring 2003 issue).
March 2003
Good News from CBC! ZeD is planning to air - Web ID# 33867 Tuesday March 25, 2003.
March 2003
A small feature in Ambientrance.
February 2003
February 2003
Now getting airplay in Siberia via Serge Tikhanoff and Radio Penguin.
"Being to Being" is now on the stacks at the Vancouver Public Library.
"Being to Being" will be featured at the Vancouver Videopoem festival.
7/05/2001 4:30pm and 7/06/2001 2:45pm Tim Gerwing &Anne Schaefer: Victoria Folkfest (Market Square, Johnson Street, Victoria, BC).
6/30/2001 8pm Tim Gerwing &Anne Schaefer: Cafe Mocambo - 1028 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC.
3/16/2001 7pm Blue Lotus CD Release Concert - David Embry &Friends. Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, Victoria, BC.
Tim Gerwing &Mark Smith:
12/24/2000 8pm Gallery Kura - Tomioka, Japan
12/23/2000 8pm English Warehouse - Haranomachi, Japan
12/22/2000 8pm Cerio - Odaka, Japan.
9/23/2000 8 PM Tim Gerwing &Thomas Bernard: Video In Studios - Vancouver, BC.
4/08/2000 6pm Tim Gerwing &Thomas Bernard: Anza Club - #3 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.
3/18/2000 12am Besart Hysniu, Tim Gerwing &Thomas Bernard: Vancouver East Cinema, Vancouver, BC.
10/14/1999 8pm Tim Gerwing &Mark Smith. Okuma Bunka Centre - Okuma, Japan