Some thoughts on CD copying:

My official stance is this: if you wish to copy the CD, you are free to do so. I don't believe in legislating this kind of thing because:

a) legislation generally is not a deterrent to people who take their actions regardless of the legality
b) legislation hurts those who would generally be honest anyway and
c) legislation does not address or serve the development of a person

However, if you do like the music on the CD, please buy a copy. The logic is this: every time a CD is copied, it prevents me from being able to make more music. That is not only true for me, of course. All musicians and artists face the same situation. I do not care about copyright in the legal sense. I do care about being able to do what I consider to be my work in this world, and I will protect my ability to work.

I also feel people will appreciate what they have paid for more than something which has come easily. I use the words "paid for" loosely, and assume we all know what is meant.

I do hope you enjoy the music on the CD. Quite sincerely and in a sense that is difficult to convey in words, it is made for you.

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